Forms not only in the 17%, but in other financial sources decided by the budget law for the region

Tuesday 12/22/2015 7:04
Tariq Harb
legal expert
A number of Representatives on 12.21.2015, President of the Republic not to approve the budget law, which Parliament passed and took a vote at the meeting on 12.16.2015, under the pretext of the share of 17% prescribed by the law for the Kurdistan region,
We do not know if these MPs know, that the President of the Republic does not have the constitutional authority to suspend or annul decisions and laws passed by Parliament, as is the constitutionally prescribed in some presidential systems, the US such as the constitution, where the US president, veto authority to veto laws and resolutions issued by the US Congress, so that Article 63 of the Iraqi Constitution, decided that the President of the Republic to ratify the law issued by the parliament during the (15 days), it has not ratified the law during this period, the law is considered ratified the Constitution any .. did not give the value and impact of the endorsement of the president on the law, and the lapse of this period, is the law's publication in the Official Gazette, and act accordingly, as well as vegan those members, they do not know that there is no constitutional provision, determine the share of the Kurdistan region in the budget, but to leave this issue to the decision Parliament when discussing the budget law, and has been the region's share by the year 2008, less than this percentage is much, but in the year 2008, and each had Marib political bloc and the goal of the law before, it has been voted in one basket on the budget law, a share of 17% of the territory , and also vote on the law of the provinces, and the amnesty law in one basket and one word, and we have proposed that the ratio of the number of deputies who represent the province in the House of Representatives, equal to the region's share of the budget, as the number of deputies may all, representing all of Iraq's population, as well as we do not know Are Those deputies, knew that the budget law did not stop at 17%, as a share of the territory, but decided to other financial sources for the region, including the region's share in the amounts of reconstruction and development, and the region's share in the (petro), and the region's share in the allocated Iraqi army amounts, and there are sources other financial of the province, outside the budget law, Kalmbalg issued to the martyrs of politicians, retirees, employees and prisoners in the federal government departments and the provinces .. any that the 17% received by the region in addition to what is stated in Article (2 / I / d) of the 2016 budget law, so I decided that article, more than 1,700 billion dollars for development, and be for the region's share of this amount, as well as the decision of the law in Article (2/2) on the region's share in the (petro), in addition to what we have mentioned earlier, as well as the decision of the law in Article (9 / V), which included the allocation of a percentage of the allocated land forces of the Federal Iraqi army to the Peshmerga forces of money .. any that the region will take a 17% share of ground forces, and for us to imagine such a large share, if we know that the Army is the ground forces, although power Navy and Air Force small part of the employees of the Ministry of Defense, including note that the topic is not limited to 17%, as alleged by some MPs, but the ratio is much larger.