Budget freeze Kurdistan's share in case of export of oil and gas without the approval of Baghdad

Commission on oil and energy parliamentary confirmed that the budget bill gives the government the right to freeze the share of Kurdistan in the event of the export of oil and gas without its consent. A member of the committee MP Razak Mahabs said in a statement seen by the agency of our economy news that the paper pressure the federal government-owned, according to the General Budget Law to prevent the export oil and gas abroad and manipulate revenues, is the freezing of Kurdistan's budget and financial dues until the province's compliance with the Constitution and Iraqi law. "
He added that "the draft general budget of the federal law in 2016 voted on by the House of Representatives included a legal text required Kurdistan deliver full agreed oil production and quantities of other roof revenues outside rates compared to the region's share of 17%." He pointed out that "the legal text includes oil production and export of gas also ".