Low central bank sales in the auction for the currency to $ 151 million

The central bank sales, fell on Monday in the auction for the sale of foreign currency to $ 151 million, after selling $ 161 million yesterday. According to a statement of the bank that "the size of the amount sold today reached 151 million, 220 thousand and $ 558, at a price based on the successful bidder, in 1182 dinars to the dollar, and with the participation of 24 banks and 20 financial conversion company." He pointed out that "the amount of remittances and credits amounted to 129 million and 620 thousand and $ 556, while the quantity sold in cash 21 million and 600 thousand dollars.
"The statement said that" the Iraqi Central Bank to continue buying and selling dollars at 1182 dinars, "adding that" the sale of remittances price of 1187 dinars / dollar, including the commission of the Central Bank and of 21 dinars per dollar, with total cash sales price of 1190 dinars to the dollar / dollar, including the commission of the Central Bank of $ 24 dinars per dollar. "