A member of the parliamentary finance: no decision to terminate appointments, Iraq is obliged to borrow

December 21, 2015 17:58

He stressed the parliamentary Finance Committee member Jabbar al-Abadi, Monday, that no decision to stop the appointments in Iraq for a certain period, and as pointed out that the proportion of staff in Iraq compared to the population is very high, he explained that Iraq "compelled" to borrow.
Ebadi said in an interview that he "has not been a decision to stop the appointments for a certain period," but he also said that "the ratio of staff by analogy souls are very high, and most ministries do not need perhaps for more than three years of appointments."
And on the implications of borrowing from the World Bank, said al-Abadi, that "Iraq is obliged to resort to borrowing," likely "no deduction from the salaries of staff ratio of more than 3%."
The member of the Finance Committee in Parliament MP Masood Haider revealed on Monday (21 December 2015), the lack of appointments in the country up to 2019, attributing the reason for this is to lower the sale price of oil.