Hassan Turan, the current stage requires a greater role for the United Nations Mission in Iraq 3/01/2012

Discussed, Mr. Hassan Turan Bahaa Eddin, head of Kirkuk provincial council official in his office in the Office of the province on Thursday 03/01/2012 with Daniel Obsbergr Director, Office of logistical support and humanitarian situation in the international mission of the United Nations in Iraq, a number of issues of concern to the Alamari and humanitarian situation in the province.
at the start of his new Chairman of the Board to maintain its emphasis on the role of mission UNAMI, especially in the current phase and sensitive experienced by the Iraqis and require unremitting efforts by all parties to find solutions and remedies that would satisfy all parties.
and highlighted during the meeting highlighted the reconstruction campaign taking place in the province and the future plans for the management of and the Provincial Council for the Advancement of reality service and economic development of people of the province through the implementation of several strategic projects vital.
of his eighth Obsbergr the positive role played by the Council stressed the pursuit of the United Nations Mission in Iraq and through its offices to support and assist the Iraqis in various fields, especially humanity.

Kirkuk Provincial Council