IS demands Talabani to dismantle the political crisis, particularly with regard to Hashimi, Mutlag cases
29/02/2012 17:49:00

Baghdad (NINA) – The parliamentary Iraqiya Slate bloc demanded President Jalal Talabani to exercise his role to dismantle the current political crisis, particularly with regard to Hashimi’s and Mutlag’s cases as was agreed upon in the first session of the Preparatory Committee for the National Conference.

Head of the IS bloc, Salman Al Jumaily, said to NINA today "President Talabani needs to exert his role in resolving the outstanding issues, particularly the case of Vice President Tariq Al Hashimi, which took a political dimension rather than the judicial one, as well as resolving the Deputy Prime Minister’s case, Salih Al Mutlag, as has been agreed upon in the first session of the Preparatory Committee."

He added "the IS thinks that the National Conference should be held before the Arab Summit to prepare an appropriate atmosphere for its success, especially as the important priorities of the National Conference tasks is to dismantle the current crisis of Hashimi, which is regarded as a social targeting aiming to dismantle the National fabric since Hashimi has a public depth and represents a national symbol."

Jumaily stressed that "the IS awaits from the Arab League to stand with the Iraqi people as it stood with the other Arab peoples because there are serious violations taking place in Iraq that are not less than those violations that occurred in the countries where Arab spring reached to. /End/