Atrushi: The Prime Minister is backing out of the Constitution and the industry is trying to date him
On: Wednesday 02/29/2012 15:19

Erbil (news) .. Male MP / Kurdistan Alliance bloc / Farhad Atrushi that the statements made ​​by Prime Minister Maliki on the powers granted to local governments while maintaining the centrality of the state is the disclaimer for commitment to the Constitution.
said Farhad Atrushi (of the Agency news) on Wednesday: that al-Maliki was one of the members of the drafting The current constitution of Iraq in 2005 and is used to highlight from time to time on certain issues most notably its emphasis on containing the permanent constitution of the country's errors should be corrected by amending the Constitution.

He added that al-Maliki appeared recently to talk about the decentralized system to take the country towards partition, pointing out that Maliki's comments that escape from the obligation to permanent constitution for the country which shows no faith in the Constitution.

He pointed to: that al-Maliki is trying to rebuild Iraq, according to his views is not according to the permanent constitution of the country or a strong Iraq, led by strong, noting that al-Maliki seeks through it to the industry history him and his party.
explained Atrushi: Maliki was a believer that the Constitution as he claims, why make comments like these? He said, adding that the Constitution was drafted in accordance with two principles of democracy, federalism and the latter includes two parts two basic decentralized political and administrative decentralization.
and Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki said in a speech at a conference of decentralization in Iraq, which was held last Monday said that Iraq is still a target, a still Banfez in the former Baathist regime, stressing that all Iraqis are looking for the country's unity, not division.

Maliki said: have to give more authority to local governments in the provinces of Iraq to make further reconstruction while maintaining the centrality of the state especially with regard to foreign affairs and natural resources, "pointing out that "decentralization may lead to the division of Iraq. / End / 24. d. Q /