Sirwan Ahmed: all attempts to resolve the crisis did not work because of lack of trust between the coalition of Allawi and Maliki

02.29.2012 | (Voice of Iraq) - add comment -
Erbil (news) MP for the Kurdistan Alliance bloc Sirwan Ahmed absence of positive indications for the convening of the National Congress resolution of the crisis because of the wide differences between Iraq and the rule of law, probable cause of these differences that the Iraqi List, is not stable, they participate in the government of (11) of the Ministry and has a hand in opposition. said Sirwan in a statement to the reporter (the Agency news) on Wednesday: The current indicators do not point to optimism convening the National Congress and resolve the current crisis the fact that there tirades between the Iraqi List and the rule of law occur from time to time through the media as well as lack of trust between them , and all attempts to resolve the crisis did not work. He added that the differences between these two blocs, a very large because of the lack of confidence between the parties and which proven the past two years, noting that state law does not trust the list of Iraq being a deal with the government and opposition in parliament. The MP for the coalition blocs Kurdistan to: that the Iraqi List has (11) of the Ministry in the government and accuse the coalition of state law exclusivity power and opinion. and was a member of a coalition of state law, MP / National Alliance / Abdul-Mahdi al-Khafaji said that the National Congress will solve some things and fail to resolve the fundamental differences between the blocks political, noting that adherence to the political blocs with their files, will impede the National Conference. Khafaji said in an earlier statement (the news), the problems are on the negotiating table and could not leaders of political blocs resolved as a preparatory committee meeting is a prelude to resolve differences before the conference. He pointed out: to hold political blocs demands will impede the National Conference as every block did not make concessions to the other party and this is based on the principle of non-confidence between the political blocs and private and is living in a conflict do not live in a government of national partnership as they claim. The MP pointed out, a coalition of to the law: that the National Congress will Ihlhal some things, but he will fail to resolve all differences and especially the fundamental differences between the political blocs because it is thorny and can not be resolved.

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