Tomorrow ... The Parliament of Kurdistan and resumed sessions (60) Bill awaiting approval at this session

Date: Tuesday, 28-02-2012 05: 31 pm

Mosul (newsletter) ... Detecting media adviser to President of the Parliament of Kurdistan, habitual meeting resumed after a holiday to Parliament Wednesday, stating that this session will read approximately 60 draft law in Parliament and will hopefully be ratified.
He said Gibraltar essence (News Agency news) on Tuesday: holiday for the Parliament of Kurdistan will expire on Wednesday, adding: the Parliament routine meetings will resume within the next few days, stating: there are approximately 60 draft law underwent its first and second readings, awaiting approval at this role.
And on the most important of these laws explained: that there is access to information Bill, amending the law on demonstration, financial grants to political organizations, councils of the provinces of the region, establishing independent high elections in Kurdistan.
Was Media Advisor to the speaker of Parliament, said in a press conference two weeks ago: the first meeting of the third session of the Parliament of Kurdistan, held on 20 August 2009, the total number of meetings of the Parliament until the special meeting held yesterday, routine and extraordinary session 146.
The essence: the number of meetings was routine and 27 session 119, stating: the 2011 saw the largest number of meetings which 73 session, 16 of which were extraordinary meetings.
The essence of it was released during the third session, 88, decision legally 42 laws and 46 resolutions.
Noted: during the same session, the Parliament of Kurdistan in about 300 to the territorial Government and the Prime Minister, and received responses from 189 to Parliament a question, but received no replies to 111 question ".
He noted: one of the important points in the third session of Parliament, is to withdraw confidence from the Prime Minister of the territory and the co-Ministers of the Interior and the peshmergas, were paraded to the vote at the request of the opposition blocs, but they received positions again by a majority of votes. "
Kurdistan Parliament conducted up to now, three electoral cycles, first session on 19 May 1992 and attended by approximately 1 million citizen to choose 105 deputies in the Parliament, but the number of voters is currently about three million, with added the second in the electoral cycle six seats to 111 seats./finished/10 s. p/