Economist: satellite promote the fallacies in the monetary policy of the Central Bank

01/12/2015 20:25

BAGHDAD / obelisk said an economist for "obelisk", what issued elite who described themselves as experts, academics and specialists in economic and financial affairs, the statement, which called for "the provision of legal protection for the staff of the Central Bank and the decision-makers in it," does not add to the truth in something, and did not let them take into account mainly the central bank No. Law (56) for the year 2004 provides immunity to employees of the Bank, and decision-makers in it, from the legal proceedings, which is sought by those in their statement, in light of the media campaign taking place deduced some state institutions, including the Bank Central.

And consistently media to discuss "sensitive" financial issues, the involvement of persons who are not specialists, to show their conversations watched by the public, lacking a thorough understanding of the scientific debate, to turn into a review of the associated political reality, and harassment and interests.

He said in an interview for "obelisk" that "does not seek the central bank, according to its data and procedures advocated by, to be free from censorship, the performance and the legality of transactions, of those legally authorized to monitor."

And expert in hopes that "the media professionally, with the help of experts and specialists in the field of criticism of the work of the central bank, or other institutions, whether they are international or local out an objective diagnosis of a professional and objective, the failures and excesses Shall and if any."

He continued to say, "Unfortunately, not luck that causes stand with him than do some of the characters and the media wading in matters relating to the central bank procedures and policies in spite of not having the necessary knowledge and precision in going into such topics, where they were passing false information to the public and public opinion, Had these themselves commissioned to consult experts and stakeholders in the views they express, it would have been of interest Almertjah, better and more useful for everyone. "

And it poses an expert in his interview for "obelisk" a flagrant example of pushing some of the media itself in what not figure her out, without consulting specialists, what makes processors "immediate" and "public" and incorrect, in its information and its conclusions.

One example of that, what eating a television programming providers, in one of the satellite channels that broadcast from outside Iraq, during a meeting with one of the guests - one of the specialists in the Aleghanon- to be addressed to the Trade Bank of Iraq Law, and how he owned a 51% government and 49% the private sector.

And in a manner far from treatment specialists, he asked the presenter for actors, which owns 49% in shares of the bank, to set off the dialogue in encapsulated false information conclusions, for it seems clear that the program presenter and his guest did not Aklva themselves, the trouble of searching question to validate what talk him .

But also, and he went with them to talk had another Lisa of specialists, not possess sufficient information and correct all financial operations in Almsrv-, that one of them suggests that the stop sale of foreign currency by the central bank for a month, without regard to the disastrous effects of such a action, forgetting that the sources of funding for the country in dollars, and its imports may be non-existent, only those derived from the central bank, and the auction of foreign currency.

Speakers and inset in the program themselves, in information and fallacies concerning foreign reserves and the issue of his disappearance and going into details, he realizes the competent and professional, it's very far from the truth and scientific conclusion.

He concluded his speech expert for "Obelisk" by calling for objective criticism, based on the facts and reliable information is correct without the pursuit of excitement based on misleading information, concern and confusion among the public.

He called financial expert, one of the specialists in the work of the Central Bank and other financial institutions of the state, to the promoters of fallacies inaccurate information, which harm the reputation of the Iraqi state and its institutions accountable.

The Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq, on the Keywords, has revealed in 11/21/2015 for the some of the non-professionals, has launched remarks on monetary policy and the work of the Central Bank of Iraq, has been characterized by the majority of those statements fallacies and pessimism and Althbit, either because of the absence of an accurate understanding or intent is the objective that stems from different motives linked to the political reality, and harassment and interests.

He said the Keywords that central bank policy established is the distance away from the controversies and reactions to the statements, but the size of the inaccuracies and confusion reached a level detrimental to public stability and the stability of the market and damaging the reputation of Iraq, and the consequent serious effects on Iraq's financial and monetary and banking transactions .

It is worth mentioning that the central bank is preparing to launch a strategy for the years 2016 - 2020, which is built on the latest global developments in the banking and financial sector, and the latest emerging experiences of developments, financial and monetary crises that have developed from the functions and roles of central banks, the first strategy in the history of the central bank in method of construction and in the content and direction, and on the basis of overall quality and standards in the setting, with the introduction of a special form shall follow-up and evaluation.

While Iraqis feel proud of the job the financial institution, the responsibility of citizens at this time, which is fighting the Iraq terrorism, it is to adopt a professional look objectively, towards the central bank's policies, to serve the interest both locally and internationally, and strengthens the role of the Iraqi financial institutions in the promotion of its functions , particularly since the Bank is fully prepared to brief the bank is interested in, and documentaries on the ground, on the policies, procedures and plans.