Electronic trading lead to keep pace with global developments

Requires the application of e-banking strategies and presence of infrastructures that are the basis for the actual application and keep up with the world in the development of banking operations, and in developing countries is the lack of such structures fundamental problem facing modern banking project with high costs. It is assumed to begin developing countries in terms of the developed countries is over and this is the biggest challenge we faced. In this regard Dr. Ahmed Sabih of Wasit University, said the use of information technology is a key factor in the classification of countries, which led to the emergence of the term digital divide or technology described as dynamic or moving. The infrastructure of electronic existence of an integrated banking systems for the withdrawal and deposit cards and electronic payment as well as provide online round The time, the banking system inclusive of all local banks assure the safety of the conversion to and from abroad through control systems supervised by the Central Bank. He said Sabih in an interview for «morning» that developing countries when they reach a certain point in the use of technology to be developed countries has left it to another point Therefore, it described the digital divide as dynamic.
and between to electronic banks perform their banking services in the best way and overcome all the negatives that accompany the work has to be availability of infrastructure through which those banks which serve as bases for the work of the mail which is in a wide network of all relevant actors provide and linked to the World Wide Web (Internet) according to the foundations of a standard is available.

He noted the importance that the insurance will be an integral part of the network design and not add them in advanced stages which increases the cost. He said Sabih has to be put phased plan to begin the introduction of banking services and electronic according to the priorities determined by the strategic plan at the level of the bank and the central bank and the location of the country's political map and its alliances with countries.

And that is the involvement of all competent parties in the development of this plan.

He stressed the importance of starting the implementation of the plan through the adoption of an exploratory projects controlled in its results until the outskirts of the interaction of society as a whole, and that these projects are associated with a training plan covering aspects needed by the human staff.

The aim of this project evaluation procedures and the development of laws that provide electronic banking services on a large scale control. It is also closer to the concepts in practice of the parties involved.

He called Sabih at the conclusion of his speech to prepare a plan for the training of human resources on an ongoing basis and in alignment with the rapid developments in the standard systems that provide connectivity and data exchange between those involved.

He pointed to the existence of many of the systems that determine the financial messaging systems and insurance Templates The proposed standard for the financial sector to be adopted and thus allow the possibility of connectivity and information exchange in the world as a whole.