Restart Nasiriyah asphalt plant with a production capacity of 120 tons per day

Municipality Directorate of Nasiriyah, announced today the re-opening of Nasiriyah asphalt plant and a production capacity of 120 tons per day, after maintenance and restart the plant after a five-year hiatus. The mayor of Nasiriyah director Abdel Nasser Ghalib, according to a statement seen by / scales News /, that "the cadres of his constituency re-run after the lab Mkainh maintenance and equipment, and become ready for college production of 120 tons per day card." "The lab was stalled for five years and that the municipality was based in paving roads to the referral system by contracting and within the municipality and to maintain investment plans." He said the "the municipality will use from now on, the plant product in the works of the defunct clothing and paving roads in the province as part of a broad campaign for the maintenance of roads and bridges, subcommittees in Nasiriyah."