Parliamentary oil: licensing rounds by many notes next oil contracts will be concluded according to market fluctuations

Said the Commission on oil and energy parliamentary member Kaveh Mohammad, on Tuesday, there are several observations on a tour of oil licenses by the relevant committees, stressing adjusted in proportion to the selling price of oil on world markets. And between Muhammad special permission to the agency, "our economy" news that "the Finance Committee and the Committee on Oil and Energy has amendments to the licenses and contracts entered into with the government, according to variables that occur at high or low world oil prices." The MP for the mass change that "the decline in oil market prices affect effectively about earnings ratio or shared between Iraq and manufacturers", adding that "companies, according to those contracts get fixed and unaffected by profit Ptqublat the global market," noting that "harmful to Iraq from economic sense and not to take advantage of the oil extracted high and revenues. " Mohammed said that "our Committee will host the Minister of Oil and petroleum experts to develop a plan for those tours and modify the profits of foreign companies ratios by market volatility."