Kurdistan: Dana Gas, a coalition statement on compensation misleading and ask him three billion dollars

Kurdistan Regional Government said it continues to cases where a coalition of Dana Gas, the UAE demanding huge compensation. She described the provincial government, in a statement, and I followed the news agency of our economy, a coalition statement on Dana Gas compel it to pay about 1.98 billion dollars, as "misleading and incomplete." "The recent decision of the arbitral tribunal is not resolved once and for all all the issues raised on the body, and that many of the issues have not been settled yet," adding that "the provincial government demanding Dana Gas at more than three billion dollars and that the Court Stzer in this case a later time." . The oil Coalition, which includes Dana Gas Company "Crescent" the UAE and the company "OMV" Austrian may sue arbitration before the Supreme Court in Britain in October 2013 against the Kurdistan Regional Government to pay what Bzmtha him. He announced a coalition of Dana Gas today that arbitral tribunal ordered the Kurdistan Regional Government to pay 1.98 billion dollars for the coalition within 28 days.