Abadi pulls Cancel "nationalities" of the Parliament Act

He revealed the parliamentary legal committee member Hamdiya Husseini, Sunday, that the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi withdraw from the House bill eliminates the multiplicity of nationalities to state officials. Husseini said, "He was the Legal Committee law includes a Cancel the multiplicity of nationalities of the state officials," indicating that "the Commission was in the process show the law on the House floor, as pointed out that the Prime Minister withdrew the law of the Committee, which led to the cancellation of the law." . She added that "the Prime Minister to withdraw the law, which includes the cancellation of multi-national state officials in time for the launch packages of reforms." She Husseini said "there are a lot of government officials as well as members of the House of Representatives have multiple nationalities," pointing out that "the withdrawal of al-Abadi law prevented the eradication of this phenomenon."