The movement of Iraqi demonstrations: We will continue our protest until the peaceful overthrow Maliki
Posted 25/02/2012 05:32 AM

BAGHDAD - "squares of liberation"
movement said, "February September" Iraq, which led demonstrations that began on 25 February of last year that the effort "will continue to drop until the Maliki government, which has become the head of this phase of authoritarian and the first obstacle to the achievement of freedom of the Iraqi people ".

She explained the movement in a statement yesterday that it "calls on Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki to the public debate with one of its activists to defend the first of his Government and its approach to authoritarian rule and defend the second for his people and expressed his concerns," emphasizing "the need to form a government of national salvation prepared for early elections and a constituent assembly to write a constitution that reflects the for the national will, and establishes a state based on justice and human dignity. "
The "Liberation Square" in Baghdad on Friday, has seen dozens gathered to commemorate the protests twenty-fifth of February last year, where hundreds of thousands of Iraqi cities of Baghdad and several called for reform and change and the eradication of corruption in the government and other institutions of the Iraqi state.