Source: Parliament restores the amnesty law to Government
01/12/2015 10:39

Parliamentary sources revealed on Tuesday, returning the House to draft the amnesty law to the Government after the political blocs to intercept the amendments submitted by the Commission on human rights.

The source said in a press release, that "deputies returned the draft amnesty law to the Government", the upheavals "objection some political blocs on the amendments submitted by the Parliamentary Commission on human rights, which stipulates the reformulation of the contentious points in the project.

The source added that "highlights of other ethical demands of some blocks to launch resistance to u.s. forces and others also demands the inclusion of my case detective."
And the amnesty law a sore point within Parliament and between political blocs, especially the majority blocs confirms that the law will be a real chance to drop hundreds of terrorists for inclusion in some paragraphs of the Act.