Nassif: One of the most important causes of widespread financial corruption is the containment ...
December 1 2015

BAGHDAD / News Network Iraq demanding Deputy excluding dual nationality of important positions, and to expedite the passage of a law "dual citizenship" to reduce the presence of spoilers who sheltering their nationality Alokhry.oukalt high Nassif said in a statement today: "One of the main reasons for the spread of financial and administrative corruption suffered by the Iraqi state is to shelter many of the corrupt and thieves of public money and other nationalities, giving them the opportunity to persistence in corruption because they feel that they are immune from punishment.

"She added that" some of those involved what is more dangerous than financial corruption, such as treason, employment and conspiracy against Iraq and its people , And when that opportunity fleeing abroad and sheltering States that granted them citizenship ".ohddt on" the need for the prime minister Haider al-Abadi exclusion of people with dual nationalities from important positions and special grades in the Iraqi state, starting from the top of the pyramid, unless they give up their other nationality, Iraqi citizenship, honored by all Iraqis, and not his country has the honor of belonging to a man is dishonest ".ookdt that" legislation to speed up the dual nationality law will be of great importance in the elimination of a large part of the rampant corruption in Iraq.

"The House of Representatives, finished in 11 last August, the first reading of the draft abandon the nationality acquired officials law, and general managers and above the rank of brigadier what Vouk.ahar to that, the National Alliance MP Abdul-Hussein al-Moussawi, said 26 of last August, that any official in the state has not given up his citizenship gained, including Prime Minister Haider Alebadi.ivkr that, in the House of Representatives voted last August 11, to approve the paper reforms, which included one of its clauses, "given a choice of office holders with dual nationality between deprivation of citizenship gained and removal from the office during a period not exceeding 30 days.