Kurdistan imported 46 tons of gold during the past nine months

2015-12-01 04:59:52

| (Voice of Iraq) - Twilight News

Official in the Kurdistan Regional Government said that the region imported during the past nine months about 46 thousand tons of gold from abroad, noting that the Arab Emirates and Turkey comes at the forefront of exporting countries went to Kurdistan.

The standardization and quality control of gold ornaments in the province director Bakr Aziz said in remarks told Anatolian and followed up Twilight News, said the past nine months of this year saw import about 46 000 tons of gold to the region, adding that 16 thousand and 347 kg of which responded to Arbil and 28 Alfa 224 kilo gram to other Sulaymaniyah in Dohuk imported 983 kilograms of gold.

Aziz said that in 1500 the drafting of vacation granted in the provinces of the region in addition to the 200 maintenance workshop and gold jewelery industry.

And on comparing the quantities of gold imported to Kurdistan to the same period last year, he said last year saw the import of 77 779 kg of gold, stressing that the UAE is at the forefront of gold exporting countries of the region and followed by Turkey.