Climate summit kicks off today in Paris with the participation of Iraq

Agencies - kicks off in the French capital, Paris, on Monday, business atheist th International Conference on climate and wide participation of leaders and the leaders of countries, including Iraq.
And participate in this conference of States Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change and number of 195 countries, in addition to the participation of representatives of all parties and organizations, non-governmental actors.

The conference will be attended by the leaders of 150 countries to participate in the official opening of the climate summit, as was held, yesterday, preparatory meetings before the opening of the summit with the participation of various countries attending delegations.

The President Fuad Masum, arrived yesterday rush out to Paris to represent Iraq at the conference.

The aim of the conference, to conclude a global agreement sets out the practical steps to be taken until 2020 to limit the fallout from climate change.

It is scheduled to negotiations is witnessing during this conference the presence of 50 thousand participants and more than 25 thousand members of the official delegations of the participating countries at the conference, as will some 2,000 non-governmental association and 40 thousand visitors from delegates, experts and members of non-governmental entities, as well as the presence of about 3,000 thousand press to cover the work Almatmr.a /