McCain to al-Obeidi: We aspire to see the liberation of Ramadi soon
Monday, 30
November 2015 13:00
Shafaq News / The President of the Armed Services Committee, "Congress," US Senator , John McCain expressed his country's desire and ambition for the Iraqi armed forces to accelerate to liberate the local capital city of Ramadi, in Anbar province from the control of ISIS terrorist organization.

According to a statement issued by the Iraqi Ministry of Defense on Monday, the minister Khaled al-Obeidi met in his office in Baghdad on Sunday evening, Chairman of the US armed forces Senator , John McCain and his accompanying delegation.

The statement added that "During the meeting, they discussed the American- Iraqi cooperation in supporting field of Iraqi forces in terms of arming, equipping and training as well as the needed basic requirements, as the current security development in Iraq and recent military victories achieved by the armed forces in Ramadi city in Anbar province were discussed, which reflects the increased capacity and efficiency of Iraqi forces in battle and achieve victory over the terrorist gangs. "

The statement said that al-Obeidi, "assured the visiting delegation on the need for the whole world to be aware that the Iraqi army has regained its self-confidence; because it is fighting terrorism today fiercely and offer great sacrifices on the battlefield, this message should reach the American people and the peoples of the entire world that Iraq , the Iraqi army and Iraqi security forces are fighting on behalf of the whole world. "

For his part, US Senator John McCain said, "We aspire near victory and the liberation of the entire Ramadi area from ISIS terrorist gangs".

McCain added "We express our condolences to the families who lost their sons in sacrifice for this country, and we are very proud of this constructive relationship that we have and we will continue developing them to serve the regional and international security and peace."