US Embassy: «Congress» will not vote on the partition of Iraq

04:08:29 2015-11-30 |
(Voice of Iraq) - Baghdad - morning
forced frequent talk extensively about the intention of «Congress» the US vote on the «divide Iraq», Embassy of Washington in Baghdad denied this topic categorically, after he was limited denials in recent days on the Iraqi side.
Mission of the United States diplomatic , yesterday issued a written statement in which it denied reports which indicated that «Congress» is planning to vote on the partition of Iraq, describing frequent chatter in this regard Pal »false». With praised the Iraqi Foreign Ministry statement refuted those reports «false».
Embassy said in a statement, the journalist, said that «media reports recently published which indicate that Congress will vote on the partition of Iraq is simply untrue reports».
She said, that «the government The United States has always been and will remain committed to its support for the unity of Iraq, as it has been and still is opposed to any foreign interference in Iraq's sovereign affairs ».
also commended the recent statement issued by the Iraqi Foreign Ministry, which denies the news reports« false », noting that« the United States will continue at the request of the Iraqi government, working with Iraqi partners in order to undermine and defeat Bdaash in the end ».
The Iraqi Ministry of Foreign Affairs, denied last week, allegations of vote« Congress »American on« the division of Iraq », saying it news naked for health.
In another context, Search House Speaker Dr. Salim al-Jubouri, the latest security and political and economic developments in Iraq and the region, with Senator John McCain, Chairman of the «armed forces» in the US Senate.
President al-Jubouri called during the meeting, which took place on Saturday evening, US United to increase given to Iraqi security forces and tribesmen military support, and attribution in the ongoing battle against «Daash» stressing the need for accuracy in aerial bombardments carried out by the airline «International Alliance» led by America.
Prime legislative institution, called for the US administration «to provide aid to the displaced families, and that is accompanied by military operations, humanitarian effort in coordination with the international community organizations, in addition to activating the national reconciliation file ».
For his part, the transfer of a written statement issued by al-Jubouri office, McCain said, that« the defeat al Daash calls for increased presence of security advisers to Iraq , as well as giving a greater role to the people of the areas to catch the ground after its liberation ».
The meeting was attended among al-Jubouri and McCain, US presidential candidate for« the Republican Party »» Senator »Lindsey Graham
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