Nationality Almzodugh an obstacle "in the arrest of corrupt

The Commission on Parliamentary Integrity, Monday, Interpol, the international non-cooperation with Iraq because of the weakness of the government's performance and the presence of dual nationalities of the wanted men. He said the Commission's decision MP Juma Bahadli that the presence of dual nationals in a number of former officials accused of corruption and terrorism is a fundamental obstacle to the work of the concerned authorities in the arrest of criminals and hand them over to justice.
Bahadli that poor government performance in the consolidation of external relations as well as the weakness of governments that followed the fall of the tyrant reduced the states to respect Iraqi sovereignty. He noted that the foreign ministers of the current (Ibrahim al-Jaafari) and former (Hoshyar Zebari) did not close at the level of ambition in the consolidation of foreign relations with other countries because of their policy prosthetic and vulnerable and that do not rise to the level of ambition to meet the demands of the Iraqis.
Bahadli announced the existence of the movements with the President of the Republic to arrest the people involved in the theft of money and blood. He is calling for the need to be a real policy of the State Department in pursuing criminals and contributing to the consolidation of relations to throw at them. 8%A9-%D8%AA/