Tamimi's will be referred politicians and officials of the prisons because of the state Real Estate

Finance Committee revealed by Majida al-Tamimi, Monday, sending documents to the integrity and prosecutors belong to the State Real Estate accuracy rate of 100%, indicating that it will be referred Mstolen officials on real estate to the judiciary and the courts.
She said Tamimi's / scales News /, it is "currently achieved Real Estate State seized by pro bono and influential politicians and government file," pointing out that "the investigation will take for quite some time because of the large number of screening and checked to find out about the facts and merits of the file".
She said she "sent documents on file properties to the state integrity and prosecutors accuracy rate of 100%," pointing out that "will be referred influential officials and seized the properties belonging to the state after the completion of the investigation."
This formed the Integrity Committee and the Parliamentary Integrity Commission, earlier, the joint committees to follow up the irregularities that accompanied the process of sale and ownership of real estate State. As it has been granted MP Majda al-Tamimi of the validity of the investigation file to Parliament possession and documents on the subject .