McCain and Graham massing of Baghdad for the deployment of 100 000 foreign troops to fight Daash

Twilight News / called a member of the US Senate, John McCain and Lindsey Graham, to form a force of 100 000 foreign troops, most of them Sunni states, the region in addition to US soldiers, to fight the organization of the Islamic state in Syria.
He criticized McCain, chairman of the Armed Services Committee in the Senate, and Graham, a member of that committee, strongly current US strategy and Ocefaha as inadequate and unsuccessful in addressing the jihadists.
These are summarized in the strategic air strikes on extremist organization in Iraq and Syria to support local ground troops that receive US arms and training.
McCain told reporters in Baghdad when asked about the size of the organization needed to fight Islamic state power "I think the total will be 100 000 required."
He added that the mobilization of such a force "would not be difficult for Egypt, it will be difficult for the Saudis, as it will be difficult for the smaller countries," but Turkey as well as the potential troop contributors.
Saudi Arabia is currently embroiled in a war in Yemen, as Egyptian security forces locked in a confrontation with the jihadists, while Turkey does not conceal its concern about the PKK, which exceeds the militants organize the Islamic state.
Graham said that this force may also include at about 10 000 US troops are "providing capabilities not owned by Arabs," he said. "When was the last time carried out by the Arab army maneuver". McCain and Graham also called for increasing the number of US troops in Iraq to around 10 000 troops.
Graham pointed out that this number will include special forces to launch "more raids before you saw recently."
It was accompanied by a Kurdish special forces, US forces launched an operation in Iraq last month in which an American soldier was killed.
Graham continued, "The current situation is different for the two years," referring to the war, which lasted 14 years in Afghanistan and the continuing conflict in nearly nine years in Iraq.
"This time will consist of a large regional forces with a small army of Western power. While it's during the two years Western forces were big regional power and very small."
But even if such a force was formed and was able to defeat the organization of the Islamic state, would have to occupy part of what Syria could lead to another possibility is a long-term spread of US ground forces in the Middle East.
Graham also said, "I believe that the force that will remain will be international, and the Sunni Arabs will be able to control the part of Syria threw it welcomed" after the departure of the organization of the Islamic State of it.
And it went on, "but the important thing is that the entire international community to participate in this force."