Trade Bank of Iraq denies his involvement with "money laundering"

11/30/2015 08:16

BAGHDAD / Obelisk: denied the Trade Bank of Iraq, Matnolth some quarters and means briefing on the "involvement" in the money laundering, while stressing that he did not exceed the law and the "norms" of banking, he noted that the lawsuit filed by one of the banks against it "lacked" the legal Vision and objectivity.

The Trade Bank of Iraq, in a statement, carried by the local media and I followed, "obelisk", it was "the belief of the Trade Bank of Iraq put the facts available to decent public and dealing with various issues clearly and openly and transparently in the framework of what appeared in some of the recent allegations in order to undermine this Bank and his administration for reasons not hidden to anyone, especially those who mocked some satellite channels to lie and defamation, the Trade Bank of Iraq confirms that his relationship with the subject, but in terms of being a witness to the earlier case were chapters in a bank. "

She explained that "the issue represented when it was open current accounts for the number of customers who Hrzoa in collusion with a number of the said bank staff instruments without balance exceeded Alarbamih billion dinars for deposit in a number of local banks, including instrument in the amount of two billion dinars have been deposited in a savings account was opened in Our bank is fundamentalist and in accordance with the rules and norms of banking customer Ahmed Abdel Jabbar Ali. "

You are in the original site, formally and legally registered, not the fake site to Saad Awsi, backed by Iraqi funds stolen by Khamis dagger and family Karabilah.

The statement stressed, "The accusation Trade Bank of Iraq to bypass anti-money laundering law, accusation is false and legal support him, because the instruments that pass through the banking channels is supposed to be fulfilled all the right conditions, including the aspect of money laundering, and bank opening of current and Rhode accounts Such customers books of instruments is who bears the full responsibility after he needed to investigate them and their sources of money and as required by the norms of banking assets, and therefore they withdraw instruments in excess of their account balances. "

He pointed Trade Bank of Iraq, that "in the light of the foregoing, the Trade Bank of Iraq categorically denies any irrelevant put in the position of accountability in any way," pointing out that "the legal representative of a bank to set up a complaint on the Trade Bank of Iraq was not The right side of truth and objectivity, absent legal sound vision of the subject. "