Security and Defense: National Guard Law is in the wind

2015-11-30 16:37:33

| (Voice of Iraq) - The Commission on Security and Defense parliamentary The draft general amnesty law is in the wind and it became difficult to vote on the law because of the lack of agreement between the political blocs on the law even in the near future.
He said a committee member MP Hoshyar Abdullah in a statement PUKmedia's, on Monday, that the project of the National Guard law voted by the Council of Ministers a simple majority being contains a lot of problems, stressing the lack of a common view among the main blocs to vote on the law in the near future.
Abdullah said that the Kurdish blocs observations and clear from the very beginning, which is that the law does not include the Kurdistan region and that the formation of the National Guard troops in the areas covered by Article 140 should be by consensus and coordination.
A member of the security and defense committee that the National Guard law an essential part of the paper the political agreement to form a government, was to vote on the paper in the House of Representatives any is binding on parliament, but there procrastination and postponement There is a lack of commitment by the government paper political agreement.
He said Hoshyar Abdullah said the problem of formation of the National Guard forces are the basis of the dispute between the political blocs, where the National Alliance urges that the National Guard is made up of all the Iraqi people, while coalition forces that shaped wants the National Guard of the sons of the same governorate.