Finance Committee: can not return to the government budget

11/30/2015 11:46:00

Finance Committee: can not return to the government budget

MP Ahmad Haji Rashid confirmed that the Finance Committee has no intention to bring the budget bill to the government to amend it.

He explained MP Ahmad Haji Rashid decision of the Finance Committee during a special statement to PUKmedia: There is no intention by the Finance Committee to re-draft budget law in 2016 to the federal government to amend it, especially change in oil prices and investment budget or the revenue or government spending, stressing that any change in the budget post The government lifted the book to the House to make the change.

He MP Ahmad Haji Rashid: The government can send accessory to amend the budget to the House of Representatives to change the price of a barrel of oil from $ 45 to 40, or to make any other changes in the investment budget, and can not be re-budget to the government now because the approval will be delayed too much, the plan set by the Commission Finance for approving the budget is nearing completion, and can make any change through the book supplement the budget and not returned to the government.

And on the ratio of the export of oil, said the decision of the Finance Committee: There are features and signals that Iraq could export 3.6 million barrels per day and this amount is determined by the Council of Ministers is made up of Iraq's oil and oil province of Kurdistan, but the problem is whether abide by the Kurdistan region to export 550 000 barrels per day? and, if the Kurdistan Region does not comply with the export of this quantity Iraq will be in front of a decline in oil exports to 3.05 million barrels per day.