Economist: about $ 800 million supplier of visitors to Iraq fortieth

By Mohammed Emad

30/11/2015 10:31

Brother - Baghdad
He said economic expert on behalf of Jamil Antoine, said that about $ 800 million, Iraq economic resource of forty visitors of Imam Hussein [peace be upon him] who came from abroad.

He said Antoine "The economic supplier for visitors, based on the rate of each visitor with a visa is that visitors are coming to religious tourism, so the dismissal is limited and buying needs and industries Iraqi as soil and carpet] and anything they see as the holy sites in Najaf and Karbala, at a rate not to exceed 300 - $ 400 per visitor, and is this rate hit Balumblyonin visitor extracted amount of currency entering the country. "

He added that "This is an opportunity for the Iraqi government in this religious tourism, as it raised the entry of visitors to the $ 40 visa and this source of income very good strengthens the Iraqi economy, and then the visitors need to eat and drink and accommodation," noting "can take advantage of it and increase the total output and reduce dependence on oil revenues. "

He explained Antoine "in Karbala more than 400 existing hotel, and the government must develop hotels and commends the more of them, as it should be for the Investigation of reality [Hotels] Health, control and expansion of restaurants."

He stressed the need for the government to "build parks and cities and encouraging popular games industries and the provision of infrastructure and paving the streets to create another entry for longer periods in the country, as well as tourist groups to do the rest as southern areas to provide security in it."

The Directorate of border crossings, announced yesterday, about two million visitors and delegations of Arab and foreign even today [yesterday] from 12 countries to perform the ceremony forty visit Imam Hussein [peace be upon him] in the holy city of Karbala.

He said ports in chief Sami Sudanese, in a statement received by [where], "The two million visitors and foreign Arabic and Iranian entered from countries: Iran, Pakistan, India, Malaysia, and Afghanistan."

He explained that the Arabs visitors arrived from "Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Egypt, and Lebanon, as well as Yemen, and Qatar."

The Ministry of Interior announced on October 27 last, the imposition of the visa [Visa] financial and fees for visitors from Iran who wish to visit the performance death of Imam Hussein [peace be upon him].