Central Council will discuss relations with the Office of ways to improve relations Union national

2015-11-30 00:05:44

| (Voice of Iraq) - Sulaimaniyah

Central Council of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) held its 72nd in the political bureau of the governorate of Sulaymaniyah building on Sunday (11/29/2015), in which the members of the Office of Public Relations Officer hosted to discuss the stages and the quarters made by the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan relations and the most important developments in Kurdistan and Iraq and the region.

Initiated a secretary of the Central Council, Adel Murad session minute of silence to mourn the souls of the martyrs, then welcomed administrator Relations Office Saadi Ahmed beer and Comrade Abdul Razzaq Azizfela, one of the founders of the National Union and officials of the departments Bureau and its members, stressing the importance of holding such meetings to exchange views and observations between moderation cadres in the party , noting that the unity of the party and its strength lies in the expansion of intellectual cross-fertilization between cadres in various centers and institutions.

Adel Murad congratulated in a separate PKK context (PKK) to mark the anniversary of the 37 anniversary and criticized the Turkish authorities policies and procedures dictatorship against the Kurds, pointing out that the death of President of the Bar in the city of Diyarbakir Mr. Taher backhaul part of the flagrant violations of human rights in Kurdistan, Turkey.

Murad also here the Kurdish Democratic Union Party in Syria on the receiving well-deserved full membership in the International Socialist Organization SI, and blessed the Syrian Kurdish Democratic Progressive Party's success the occasion of the 14th General conference in the city of Qamishli and the results and decisions that led to it.

And across the Central Council secretary for fear of the dangerous escalation of the region in particular the recent tensions between Turkey and Russia and what it represents the risk of the Kurdistan region, criticizing the double standards which deal with the Justice and Development Party government continued atmosphere of the Kurdistan region and the shelling of villages and towns and violations pretext of pursuing and targeting the headquarters and elements The PKK, while supplying terrorists with various weapons and supplies and allow terrorists Daash and Al-Nusra Front to travel through its territory to Iraq, Syria and address their wounded in hospitals smuggled oil from Syria, Iraq, and buy the cheapest prices, demanding to derail the camps and the Turkish military presence on the territory of the province of Kurdistan.

Murad shed on the other side of his light to visit the president of the region of the outgoing Massoud Barzani yesterday to some of the Gulf states and the motives behind it, especially since the delegation, which was supposed to be for the province does not represent all the Kurdish forces, along with that holding this visit at this particular time It puts the Kurdistan region in alliances to Atmthelh box and do not reflect the desire of political forces and lead to new convulsions we do not need.

Secretary of the Central Council expressed hope to be able to the public relations office of giving a new and vital impetus to the relations of the Patriotic Union, and promotion, according to the foundations of modern principles with the various forces and parties of Kurdish and Iraqi, regional and international, stressing the need to find a mechanism for cooperation between the various offices and especially Relations Office and the Central Council.

Oil file and the lack of transparency and exchange of accusations between the federal government and the provincial government about the Peshmerga forces allocations, was part of what eating the Central Council secretary in his speech, pointing out that the rampant corruption in the oil file and chaos in obtaining imports behind the crises and problems not be considered and countless the citizens in the region, the richness of it, and he demanded to reconsider oil file and subjected to surveillance by the authorities concerned and work to address the outstanding problems and issues with the federal government away from the personalization and narrow partisan interests ..

Following that read UNHCR Relations Officer of the Central Council, Dr. Soran Jamal Taher general report prepared by the Commission on the work of the public relations office and the functions of its divisions, he touched through him to the obstacles and impediments to the work and functioning Relations Office, which also included an assessment of the level and nature of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) relations with the Iraqi Kurdish parties and regional.

The report called for activating relations with parties and forces and public organizations, especially the Shiite parties that have historical ties with the Union and not to allow the breach of this relationship which is built over the long years of struggle and common struggle and supplying them with Mam Jalal all possibilities and means available for more than three decades.

Turn Relations Office official Saadi beer thanked the Central Council and the price of his efforts in the preparation of his report aimed at activating the work of the Office of relations and said he proud to receive advice and guidance by the secretary of the Central Council, which is, along with President Mam Jalal one of the founders of Public Relations of the National Union with various parties, Arab and Kurdish figures in various countries around the world since 1975.

And provided examples of the nature and mechanism of building relationships and how Relations Office seeks cooperation with partners in the region as well as strengthen the Patriotic Union of relationships it works to build strong relationships sober to the Kurdistan region with various parties and powers and countries in the region and the world.

Saadi Ahmed beer pointed out that the Public Relations Office seeks to open channels of communication with other parts of Kurdistan and urged them on joint action and to take advantage of the Patriotic Union of expertise and long experience in the armed struggle and stage management and institution-building in the region.

On the current crisis in the region and the efforts of the National Union for containing said Saadi beer that the National Union party head and not a spectator will not allow the continuation of the current situation unchanged, and he works out of patriotic and national responsibility to initiate talks between the MDC and the Kurdistan Democratic Party, the Democratic demanding Kurdistan lifting procedures arbitrary and re Ministers change and the Speaker of Parliament to do their jobs and begin a substantive dialogue based on solid foundations of power between the parties and the Kurdistan region.

Mr. Saadi beer He explained that the National Union maintained its position within the four-party alliance to amend the presidency of the regional laws and the system of governance, through understanding and dialogue with political partners in the region away from the chaos and Altotr.oukd A number of sub-Aedaoualmkateb officials (Office of Kirkuk relations, Office of Kurdish relations, Public Relations Office National in Baghdad office on Foreign Relations) valuable feedback on the overall regulatory issues for the Office of Public Relations and students gathered to hold regular meetings for branch offices with the Office of Public Relations and with the Central Council of the unification of political positions ... The participants agreed unanimously at the meeting on the need to speed up the holding of the Fourth Conference of the Union for the renewal of leadership Patriotic Union of Kurdistan to get rid of impurities blocs and divisions Alambdiah that hinder the march of the Union.

Media secretary of the Central Council Office