Blocs agree to adopt Erbil Agreement on national meeting, says MP

Thursday, 23 February 2012 21:45

Baghdad (AIN) -MP Hassan Shuwaired of the Iraqiya Slate (IS), emphasized existence preliminary accordance among the political blocs on Erbil Agreement.

He declared for All Iraq News Agency (AIN) that "The meetings of the Preparatory Committee for the national meeting show clear vision of political blocs’ agreement on Erbil agreement in order to be formally discussed and therefore applying its terms.”

He added "There are three main topics to be discussed during the expected national meeting represented by applying the Constitution to all items, adopting political consensus to settle pending issues and adopting a specific mechanism by blocs for settling crisis.”
Shuwaired also mentioned that “After the completion of the Erbil Convention by the political blocs there will be a number of important topics to be discussed at the meeting of the Preparatory Committee," pointing out that "The national meeting should resolve all outstanding problems.”
He stressed that “Each political block must be a part of the solution to its problem so that it can come to the national meeting and expected to reach concrete results on the ground.”