A large military reinforcements up Anbar to sustain the momentum of the battle and the elimination of Daash

Follow-up - and babysit - defense ministry said on Sunday, the arrival of a large military reinforcements to Anbar province to sustain the momentum of the battle and the elimination of Daash.

According to a statement of the ministry news agency public opinion had received a copy of "reinforcements that arrived is not from a position of weakness, but comes from a position of strength and competence of the cemented defensive positions and continue to perpetuate pressure to eliminate fully Daash gangs", noting that "the cuts implemented to duty and reached the end of the axis , but the battle is not over and there are still many tasks to fight the terrorist gangs in controlled areas and eliminate them once and for all. "

He stressed that "the continued enhancements to sustain the momentum of operations while eliminating the last element of the terrorist Daash in Anbar province in general areas," noting that "the military operations going on and that the enemy in the development of collapse and defeat, against the high morale and a fierce determination by army troops carried out to duty Within the northern axis which moves today it is better than the previous fully and freely and attribution of weapons and Alsnov chock her along the northern axis ".

He said he "has been providing the Anbar Operations Command strongly level Regiment represented Regiment third pedestrian to the headquarters of Battalion 110, as well as artillery Boutrip heavy in addition to the pieces available to the operational command of Almottaghvlh forces with Infantry Division mechanism tenth to sustain the momentum of operations and to achieve the final victory over the criminal gangs in the nearest time and with the least sacrifices. "