A member of the parliamentary legality: Amnesty Law ample coverage and adopt next year

Announced the parliamentary legal committee member Salim Chawki, Sunday, that the passage of the amnesty law would be at the beginning of next year and not during the current year, while explained that the law would be "plenty" of inclusiveness and few exceptions.

Said Shawki in an interview with Alsumaria's News, "The Legal Committee worked on the study of the draft general amnesty law and wrote its report on it," explaining that "the adoption of the law will be at the beginning of next year and not during the current year, the preoccupation of the Council budget as well as the existence of legislative holiday representative during the month next. "

Shawki said, that "the general amnesty will be plenty of inclusiveness and a few exceptions, according to the agreed political blocs," explaining that "with blood on their hands with the blood of Iraqis are excluded from the amnesty."

The head of the House of Representatives Saleem al-Jubouri confirmed on Tuesday (November 2015 17), close to Parliament that legislation draft general amnesty law.

The coalition of state law, announced in the (November 14, 2015), all conditions for the adoption of the amnesty law, as pointed out that there are political parties are trying to expand the coverage to include amnesty accused of "terrorism."