Russian-Turkish crisis pushed the international community to work seriously to fight Daash

The Kurdistan Alliance MP Abdul Bari Zebari said, that the crisis between Russia and Turkey [of shooting down Russian aircraft background, the international community pushed to work more seriously on the fight Daash.
Zebari said in a statement told all of Iraq [where], that "recent developments crisis between Russia and Turkey, will impact negatively, but it will be a motivation for the countries of the world to work harder to fight gang terrorist Daash."
Zebari said, "The war on Daash gangs have become today wider and took an international character, "stressing that" Iraq is no longer a day alone in this war, and that the international community has become more aware of the risk of these terrorist gangs. "He predicted Zebari, said that" Iraq shall have more allies in its war with those gangs in the next phase. "seen Russian-Turkish relations under great strain in diplomatic, economic and military ties, and later evolved into a mutual declarations of war, against the backdrop of dropping the Turkish Air Force, a Russian plane in Syrian airspace what caused the death of one of its pilots at the hands of gangs Alarhabiyh.