The government amendments to the budget did not reach the Parliament

In the parliamentary legal committee member said that the amendments the government financial budget for 2016 did not reach the House of Representatives.
And between Hassan Turan told all of Iraq [where], "The government amendments to the budget did not reach, but hopefully in the coming days the arrival of the amended version on the budget to the parliament, until the preparation of the drawer of the proposed amendment of the government in the work of its agenda."
He said that "by the system procedure of Parliament are entitled to the government, as long as the law is lawmaker, send the amendment as an integral part of the law, adding that "observations about the budget include the fact that the projected deficit very large and must be treated Melg 23 trillion dinars because repaid by borrowing weigh the shoulders of the country, as well as to reconsider at a set price per barrel and the amount of oil exported.
"He said Turan" We are waiting for the amendment budget law and after we see what is the exact amount of borrowing, "expected there would be" to reduce the deficit by the ministers of planning and finance and oil when hosting in the parliament.
"The House of Representatives, concluded In its last Sunday, to discuss the draft federal budget for fiscal year 2016.
Total budget expenditures of next year's 106 trillion dinars, compared to the amount of 119 trillion dinars for 2015, a drop of 11%, while the estimated federal budget for the coming year deficit of 22.7 trillion dinars, the equivalent of 21% of total expenditures.
He said Finance Minister Hoshyar Zebari during hosted on 17 of this month in the parliamentary session, the government exceeded the real concerns about the disable state and non-compliance with its obligations to pay the other benefits for the employees' salaries, noting that the government was able to reduce the deficit of 25 % to 22%, where the Council of Ministers has agreed to amend the draft federal budget for fiscal year 2016 Law sent to the House of Representatives.
The International Monetary Fund hinted in 11 of this month, a large loan for Iraq condition removal of subsidies on some Moad.