Iraq announces targeting ISIS tankers carrying crude oil to Syria

Sunday, 29 November 2015 15:31

Shafaq News / The military media cell declared targeting tankers transporting crude oil to ISIS in Syria.

According to a statement of the cell received by Shafaq News, the air force jets according to accurate information from the Military Intelligence Directorate launched airstrikes that resulted in the destruction of many of the tanks that transport crude oil for ISIS terrorists in al-Awasha area affiliated to al- Riyadh sub-district in Hawija .

The US Department of Defense reported Monday that US fighter jets bombed and destroyed in eastern Syria , 283 oil trucks used by ISIS organization to finance itself.

The spokesman for the US Department of Defense , Geoff Davis explained that these strikes launched Saturday were preceded by throwing leaflets in order to warn drivers of those vehicles because they are not considered as jihadists.

He said, "We were keen to act in the human form without causing civilian casualties."

The United States and Iraqi aviation are intensifying bombing oil targets of ISIS.

The Pentagon confirmed earlier that the international coalition led by Washington destroyed 116 oil trucks used by the militant group east of Syria.

Colonel Steve Warren American , military spokesman announced that the decision was made to intensify the strikes after it became clear that their effectiveness has been limited so far