Airlines reveal the talks for the return of Iraqi aircraft to Europe

2015-11-29 18:23:02

| (Voice of Iraq) - Baghdad

The Iraqi Airways, Sunday, for the conduct of its delegation currently talks with the International Committee of Safety in the European Commission in Brussels for the return of the Iraqi air to the atmosphere of Europe, with the results described the talks as "positive".

He said the company's Director of Information Salah Tayeh "A delegation from the Iraqi Air Lines Company / Civil Aviation Authority is now attending a regular meeting of the International Safety Committee in the European Commission in Brussels to discuss the Iraqi air return to the atmosphere of Europe."

He Tayeh, that "upon the return of the delegation will issue a clear statement on the outcome of the meeting," stressing that "the outcome of the meeting positive."

The Iraqi Airlines confirmed, in (9 September 2015), that the fact that some European countries to suspend the landing and take-off the company's aircraft was due to "old repercussions", as pointed out the signing of a contract with the Greek company travelers from Iraq to move to Europe and vice versa.

The Transport Minister Baqir al-Zubaidi announced, in (13 August 2015), the formation of three committees of inquiry on the suspension of the flight of Iraqi Airways planes to and from the Airports European countries.