Parliamentary Finance: 2016 budget will depend on foreign loans

He stressed the parliamentary finance committee member Ahmed Sarhan, Saturday, the adoption of the 2016 budget next year on foreign loans, indicating that there are 7 vertebrae states on foreign loans in the budget year 2016.

Ahmed said L / scales News /, "The next budget will rely on foreign loans to bridge the shortfall in through the (World Bank and International Monetary Fund, Islamic banks, Bank of Qatar and the loan of Japan), which will help Iraq out of the crisis and to address the shortfall."

He added, "The reliance on internal loans do not contribute enough to get out of the crisis", adding that "the current year budget in 2015 did not witness any external loans."
He pointed out that "the Iraqi government to impose duties on all visitors coming to Iraq's religious tourism because it is an important tributary of Iraq's economy, especially that Iraq is in one visit turnout of more than five million visitors on the government to use this period to support the economy and increase the financial resources of the country."

On the other hand, Ahmed Sarhan denied "the allocation of funds to the Peshmerga forces of the budget next year or even the provinces of Anbar and Mosul and Nineveh", he underlined "allocated only for displaced people who fled from the province,"