REACT commander: modern and sophisticated weapons entered the battlefield in Anbar

Special - scales News

He said the commander of the rapid reaction brigade, Major General Thamir Ismail, Saturday, that the coming period will be fully edit Anbar city, while noting that there is a sophisticated and modern weapons, entered the military cuts will change the balance of the battle.

Maj. Gen. Ismail's / scales News / "There is no halt to military operations in some breakers operations," stressing that "military units moving towards the east and the northern sector of Inbar."
He added, "There are constraints in terms of military operations, including civilians, who are, where security forces are trying all the possibilities of reducing the number of losses in addition to the presence of improvised explosive devices planted by the terrorist enemy," pointing out that "the security forces are dealing with those devices."

He pointed out that "there is a sophisticated and modern weapons entered the battle will change the balance of the battle," noting that "the security forces are not in need of lethal weapons as much as their need to sophisticated and modern weapons."

"The coming period will be fully liberalized Anbar city".