Diyala governor's Anmtlk to more than five million dinars, and all projects stalled

Diyala governor revealed Muthana al-Tamimi, the Sabbath, for stop all investment and service projects in the province, indicating that the companies did not receive M_khasstha consecutive years.
He said Tamimi's / scales News / "The preservation did not receive something from the budgets of 2014-2015", he underlined that "next year's budget for 2016 even conservative debt Atsd text especially if liberated from Diyala provinces that need to rehabilitate all the projects."

He added that "maintaining embarrassing for companies to count the debt honoring three years, which led to the suspension of many projects that reach completion to more than 80% of the job rate for the province, adding that" the province in need of rehabilitation for all projects, especially infrastructure. "

He said, "There are major problems plaguing Diyala due to lack of financial allocation to the fact that the province relies on a very simple possibilities, and local government in Diyala does not hold 5 million in its treasury," and urged the government to "follow up the Iraqi provinces and heed them, especially if the province demanded more than once head Minister and Minister of Finance on the interest in it. "
The last hand was between the Diyala provincial council member Ahmed Arzouka that most of the reconstruction and construction projects in the province of Diyala stopped for reasons of security and the lack of financial resources available to the government Mahlah.