Asia Cell introduces a free service to provide information to refugees and displaced persons

​It announced the Asia Cell Company, the opening for the relief of refugees and displaced persons free information services center, in coordination with the Civil Development Organization CDO, in the framework of the project (Basma for peace) adopted, indicating that it aims to provide communication between the displaced service and secure the information they need, while the Commission confirmed United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) in Iraq, the importance of the center as a model for cooperation between civil society organizations and private sector companies.
The company said in a statement, received a (long-Presse) a copy of it, it "opened a center for communications and information developed, toll-free number (385) for the relief of refugees and displaced persons, in coordination with the Civil Development (OECD) Civil Development Organization, known CDO", noting that this "initiative comes in the framework of the project Basma for Peace, established by the company upon themselves and made ​​from which many of the humanitarian initiatives of displaced Iraqis, including the donation of 250 thousand US dollars for immediate aid, and provide ten thousand slice connected with alerts to the displaced, as well as distribution devices Mobile with free communication service by representatives of displaced people in the camps and the establishment of desalination plants and the provision of supplies and basic supplies to thousands of families.
"She added ACL, that" The center aims to provide communication between the displaced service and provide information that affect them directly in their camps including the latest provision information on legal assistance, logistical and medical services belonging to displaced people in areas of displacement, whether in Kurdistan or the rest of Iraq.
"said commercial director of Asia-Cell, Zrnk Farouk, according to the statement," The center was established since October of last 2014, with the beginnings disaster humanitarian displacement in Iraq to provide services, "adding that" the center has developed in line with calls and inquiries increased size to function efficiently and high quality, and that the update will continue the technical aspects and Informatics all.
"The statement quoted the Civil Development Organization CDO manager, Bakhtiar Ahmed, as saying, "The contacts displaced center receives telephone calls free of charge to answer their questions on legal issues, health, food, social and refer them to the competent authorities", he returned to "The center facilitates the work of government departments and organizations interested in the affairs of refugees and displaced persons and United Nations agencies concerned."
She explained ACL, in its statement "The communications center as a link between the displaced and the competent authorities, to facilitate access to their voice."
turn paid tribute to the High Commissioner of the United Nations for Refugees (UNHCR) in Iraq, UNHCR director, Ann Dolan, center. It said Dolan, according to the statement, "The number of refugees and displaced persons in the provinces of Iraqi Kurdistan exceeded one million and a half million, and it is very difficult to reach them, especially displaced people who live in villages and areas and outside the camps and communities, from here, came the importance of this position and this cooperation between civil society organizations and private sector companies.
"The transfer of the company's statement from the chairman of Asiacell Faruk Mustafa Rasool was quoted as saying," There is a wide range of related initiatives to corporate social responsibility for the relief of displaced persons and refugees and help them to communicate across the four corners of the country, and it came as a natural reaction to the situation unstable in Iraq in recent times.
it showed Asiacell in its statement that the service center operates in all provinces and the areas of the Kurdistan region of Iraq, where it can be accessed through segments Asiacell Telecom and through free call 385. and provides services from Sunday to Thursday and from eight o'clock the morning until five o'clock in the evening, and there are plans to extend the working hours and adding staff, if required. The Asia-Cell Telecom, announced Tuesday, (the 24th of November the current 2015), winning a silver award Stevie Award world for its activities in the field of social service , especially its initiative tagged (Basma for peace), that the public has focused the current 2015, the relief to the displaced in most parts of Iraq, indicating that the humanitarian initiatives which are characterized by always focusing on the contribution to support the vital areas of Iraqi society, such as health, education, higher education and those with special art needs and literature and provide relief to refugees and displaced persons and other sectors, contributed to the public the current 2015, within Basma initiative for peace, in support of thousands of displaced families in the Kurdistan region and the various regions of Iraq, and equipped inputs necessary materials, as well as the establishment of two desalination and filtering water in the camps for displaced people in the capital Baghdad.