Talabani's party: We want a parliamentary rule in Kurdistan, with limited powers for the president of the region

Mullah Bakhtiar stressed working body official in the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan's political bureau [led by former President Jalal Talabani on "the need for the system of government is parliamentary in the Kurdistan region, with the region's president to grant limited powers but influential."
He said Mullah Bakhtiar, in a press statement on Friday, in response to a question about the crisis presidency of the province, "there is a legal dilemma," adding that "There is a joint venture by the National Union and the Movement for Change and the Islamic Union and the Islamic Group, and approved by the Legal Committee of the Parliament of Kurdistan, While the Kurdistan Democratic Party rejected this project so far. "
He stressed, "There is a serious dialogue, and in the past week, there was an important meeting between the National Union and the Democratic Party, and after the Patriotic Union held a meeting with the MDC," he said, "We have proposals for how to solve this problem, and we made several proposals on the relationship between the province and Baghdad, and problems in parts of Kurdistan, and the war against Daash at the hands of the major powers, Russia and the entry of such a large scale military, "adding that" all these things have to do in the region, and parts of Kurdistan and the Kurdistan region. "
He said Mullah Bakhtiar "We focused on the need to have a clear vision on how to continue the fight Daash, political stability after defeating Daash, and the need to solve the problems between the political parties, whether in Kurdistan or Kodstan west or the north of Kurdistan."
He stressed, "we would like the system of government be in the parliament of the Kurdistan region, and to be the president of the region limited powers but impressive also, we are going through a democratic transition is very difficult, we need to reference the center of a sovereign, but at the same time we need to agree a political balance, and we have notes about How governance in the region. "
In response to a question, the existence of the marginalization of the National Union in the management of the province, said Mullah Bakhtiar that "the National Union, a major force in the province of Kurdistan and the marginalization of the Union is not something easy, our observations and criticism on how the tide administration in Arbil and in Dohuk and Mosul, but with so we We are keen to keep our relations with the Kurdistan Democratic Party, the Democratic Party and that solves the problem with the MDC. "
He Mullah Bakhtiar: optimism that during the next two or three months, there will be sorting out of things and resolve these problems and set up to achieve harmony, on objective grounds as required by the new phase of political relations and the implementation of joint assignments. "
In response to a question about the health of former President Jalal Talabani, Mullah Bakhtiar said that President Talabani's health is stable, and the tests conducted in Germany are encouraging and reassuring, and will soon return to the homeland. "
And on the liberalization of Sinjar and the survival of the PKK elements in the city, Mullah Bakhtiar said the "Edit Sinjar was a serious blow to the organization Daash, and part of the backbone to link the parts of Kurdistan in western Kurdistan, now liberated Sinjar That's Liberation profound impact on the political and military equation in the region," adding, that "the city a disaster not only because of sabotage terrorists, but because he was so far there are women and girls as slaves, however Daash terrorist organization, it is true, but the city was liberated these wounds will continue to bleed."
Responding to a question on the future of Sinjar, said Mullah Bakhtiar, "There is a proposal by the Kurdistan Regional Government and all the parties, to become Sinjar province of Kurdistan, belonging to the Kurdistan region, and we as a union of a national asked to become and that the province be part of the Kurdistan region."
And the role and the presence of the Labour Party, Mullah Bakhtiar, "the PKK said it was his role in the liberation of the city, and they stated they were before the liberation after the liberation of the city will pull out of them, and this correct decision and wait for them implementation of this resolution" .