Zebari stresses the importance of supporting the reference to the government reforms

Baghdad - Al-Sabah and Finance Minister Hoshyar Zebari stressed the importance of continued support of the Supreme religious authority of the government and the reforms that Tnfzha.jae that during a meeting in Karbala representatives of the reference amino thresholds Husseinia and Abbasid, Sheikh Abdul Mahdi al-Karbalai and Mr. Ahmed net. According to a statement of the ministry received «morning», a copy of it, that «Zebari and his accompanying delegation met Karbalai to discuss security, political and financial situation in the country», stressing Zebari, during the meeting, the importance of sustainability and political guideline discourse for reference governance in support of the government and the reforms and the preservation of national unity and stand against all attempts Raising national prejudices and racism and sectarianism in the country and stand united to defeat Daash terrorist gangs. He briefed the Minister of Finance with Karbalai, Secretary General of the threshold Husseiniya, on the doorstep projects and support for her government. Zebari also met with Secretary General of the Abbasid threshold Mr. Ahmed net, and discussed with him the reformist government and the steps the program in addressing the financial crisis, pressing briefed on a number of projects implemented by the threshold in the expansion of the shrine of Imam Abbas peace be upon him and listened to the needs of the threshold to provide charitable and humanitarian services. He visited the Minister of Finance a typical hospital recently opened with the support of the Abbasid threshold, confirming the government's commitment to attention and care of shrines and religious shrines, and exchange views with conservative officials about religious tourism investment process for the development of internal resources. In turn, urged the representative of reference, the Government on the multiplicity of the Iraqi treasury funding sources of non-oil, it is stressing the need for attention to the holy Karbala, and the urgent need for financial allocations for exceptional projects all. The Finance Minister Hoshyar Zebari had visited the head of a delegation from his ministry province of Karbala and discussed with local government and the Governor Aqil Turaihi and head of the provincial council Nassif rhetorical assess the needs of financial conservatism during the visit of the forty and provide the best possible services for the visitors of Imam Hussein, peace be upon him. It was a review of the financial allocations to maintain and confirm the government's keenness to mobilize security and service and financial state effort to serve the visitors.