Ali al-Maliki: the last British prime minister's comments are unacceptable and are in support of an outgoing Massoud Barzani

MP from the bloc of state law, Ali al-Maliki, the last British Prime Minister's remarks about the Peshmerga as unacceptable and is in support of an outgoing Massoud Barzani. He (the Iraqi position), "The British position can not be accepted by emphasizing that the British force Peshmerga forces fighting on the ground and an interference in internal Iraqi affairs." Maliki said that "the international norms and conventions and clear support in any country other sovereign state on its way only and can not be considered the last of the British position, but that support for the regional president finished his mandate." He called the legislative and executive branches and clear position of these statements can not be described, but a clear interference in the internal affairs of an independent and sovereign state. The British Prime Minister David Cameron said in a speech to the British House of Commons yesterday Peshmerga forces as British fighting force on the ground.