US troops raided the headquarters of the Brigades of the "Party of God" east of Ramadi Iraq at the request of local police

US forces raided the headquarters of the Hezbollah Brigades near the Iraqi city of Khalidiyah east of the city of Ramadi, after the communication made by the Iraqi police to search for dozens missing. Local sources told the newspaper Al Quds Al Arabi, said the people of the region demanded the police to search for their children who were detained by the militia, and because of the inability of the police to prejudge any of a force of popular crowd, the recent forced with the help of US forces, who escorted the power of dozens of fighters from the crowd Anbar who have received US training , Iraq and raided the Brigades of Hezbollah headquarters to find more than five hundred of the people detained areas Khalidiya and its surroundings, as well as citizens from the control of the organization Daash areas were Boutraiqam to go to Baghdad to end retirement and salaries transactions. The sources added, that the Americans have the transfer of detainees to the Habbaniyah police station for the purpose of completing the investigation and the release of the suspects procedures.