Jaafari: None in Iraq marginalization of any component
Dated: November 28, 2015

BAGHDAD / News Network Iraq conclude Foreign Minister Ibrahim al-Jaafari his official visit to the Japanese capital Tokyo, which lasted several days, during which he met a number of Japanese officials, and discussed with them bilateral relations and ways to enhance cooperation in all fields; service Hobein.ozkr statement to the Office of Secretary of State today: Jaafari "met before the end of his Arab ambassadors accredited in Tokyo, During the meeting, they discussed security developments, and policy in the region and the world." He stressed al-Jaafari, according to the statement, that "terrorism is trying to deploy an atmosphere of hostility, and tear between the peoples of the world, and that Daash does not understand the language of dialogue , and does not have only the bombing option, murder, vandalism, "adding that" today's war on terror is not a conventional war, but a war spread, targeting all aspects of life, and must be security cooperation, and intelligence to prevent the spread of "Calendar stressed Jaafari" We awareness of the size of the challenges facing the region, and we must assume the responsibilities which avoid the peoples of the region bloodshed, and wealth, "calling for" the need for awareness of the participants between the peoples of the region because they contribute to the return of security, stability and unity of effort to meet the common challenge of gangs terrorist Daash. "And Foreign Minister that" the Iraqi diplomatic seeking to establish better bilateral relations with the countries of different world, especially the Arab countries by opening the prospects of joint cooperation, and face common dangers, "he said, adding," We hope that the Arab diplomats are working with the mentality of the solutions to the problems of the region, and the transfer of the humanitarian message of Islam ", stressing Jaafari, that" the Iraqi people It insists on the preservation of national unity, and there is no in Iraq marginalization of any component of the components of society, and everyone involved in the House of Representatives, and the government, and all the institutions, "adding that" Iraq is the power of religious diversity, and religious, and sectarian, and national, and the enemies of Iraq are trying to the deployment of the distinction between the ranks of the same society. " In a related development, he met al-Jaafari, the Iraqi embassy staff in Tokyo, and pointed to the need that the embassy be beta embraces the Iraqis, and stressed by saying: We must accommodate the embassy for all Iraqis without discrimination, and we have to offer the Iraqi national identity on the rest of other affiliations. All of which are respectable, "he said, adding that" the embassy represents a humanitarian gateway to provide services to the Iraqi community, economic and Gateway, and political development, and activation of relations, and the delivery of Voice of Iraq to all countries of the world. "He explained that" Iraq faces more of an economic crisis; because of lower oil prices, as well as the security crisis, and the war against Daash gangs terrorist, and seeks to benefit from friendly countries to help him, and support humanitarian, and Khaddmaa, and security, and militarily, "calling for" benefit from the developed world experiences in the development of state institutions. "

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