Foreign: twist the words of Western officials to divide Iraq affect bilateral relations

The State Department warned, distortion of the words of Western officials claiming the division of Iraq that affect the country's relations abroad.
The spokesman said Foreign Ministry spokesman Ahmed Gamal said in a statement received by the agency all of Iraq [where] a copy of it, "" traded some of the media and political figures news and statements false positions of some countries to Iraq's sovereignty and fight fair against terrorism and territorial integrity, as was the case of distortion of the part word of the British Prime Minister in front of his parliament yesterday or what was raised concerning the determination of the US Congress pass a resolution adopting the division of Iraq.
"He called on the beauty of" various media and Iraqi political figures to the accuracy and credibility before dissemination and promotion of such news negatively affect our bilateral relations with some countries and our efforts to developing them to serve the interests of Iraq and the policies of his government.
"Some of the media has picked up on the word British Prime Minister David Cameron in the House of Commons last Thursday described the Kurdish Peshmerga forces as a" fighter for British troops to Daash on the ground.
"It is said that the Iraqi Foreign has denied in the 24th of this month, "the allegations, which claims that the US Congress will vote on the partition of Iraq [Tuesday] confirming that it was" completely untrue and based on a typeface on a topic unrelated to the division of Iraq ".