Products: 80% of the private banks have bought the currency irregularities, saying three years for transactions that banks void

Said Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq on the Keywords, Saturday, that 80% of private banks the equivalent of 40 banks out of 50 banks violated the procedures established by the central bank to buy the currency at an auction selling the dollar. Keywords adding that "those banks submitted papers and documents for importers and traders are either incorrect or falsified." Revealing that "what is traded in some of the media that six or seven banks of what has become known as the documents are involved Chalabi auction currency," adding that "this number is small and that the real number is more than that, according to what we have shown." He Keywords that "the central bank has a list of forty banks waged recorded their right violations," noting that "we we consider the purchase of currency for a period of three years, void transactions and we have re-examination of the transactions and Grmena those banks Ppalarbhah effects, which amounted to 400 billion Iraqi dinars." Keywords explained that "some of these transactions where suspicions of money laundering and we have to transmit them to the judiciary and the need to wash is the fact that third parties with international cooperation."