Parliamentary Security: National Guard re-law to the government to amend it
Date: 11/28/2015 12:52

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It announced the parliamentary Defense and Security Committee, Saturday, for the return of the controversial law the National Guard to the federal government for the lack of agreement on the political blocs passed, indicating that this is the leaders of the political blocs to avoid the dispute among themselves and pay attention to other laws.

The committee member said Iskandar and berries Agency / information /, "After meetings and continuous deliberations between the blocs and parliamentary committees series, nothing remains in the project of the National Guard law could be discussed in the parliament, but we did not reach a solution on some of the points of contention."

He added that "some of the blocks are still insisting on their positions of law which led to the agreement on the government to restore law does not usually drafted and sent from the new House of Representatives before the end of the current legislative term."

He explained that "keep the law from the corridors of the Council would avoid the leaders of the political blocs in the dispute between them and pay attention to other laws."
They had been the National Guard Law considerable controversy within the corridors of the House of Representatives and between the political blocs, which are considered the nucleus of the majority of the blocks for the draft Biden divisive at a time when some of the blocks required to make the popular crowd nucleus of this Alcecchel.anthy / 25 u