Conscious / Najib: Region Baghdad demanding $ 45 trillion dinars
28/11/2015 01:48

Conscious / Baghdad / M.v
It revealed a member of the economic and investment commission parliamentary Najiba Najib, Saturday, that the federal government condemned to the Kurdistan region in the amount of 45 trillion dinars .

She said Najib in his transfer reporter permit (news agency, media / INA), that "the Kurdistan region, demanding the central government to pay 45 trillion dinars, considering that the government has not cut its sovereign expenses allocated to the region, which amounted to 28 trillion dinars since 2005 and ruling ".

She added, that "the region requires the government to balance the assignments that were not received by 2014 is estimated at 16 trillion dinars, in addition to the trillion dinars in provisions for the Peshmerga forces".

And it showed, that "there is a financial committee will be formed to consider those amounts that the Kurdistan region requires the government to pay them, a banner, that" the government is also demanding sums of money in the region did not mention the size".

It is noteworthy, that a member of the Commission on oil and energy parliamentary Mazen Mezni announced earlier that the Kurdistan Regional Government condemned the huge amounts of money, forcing the government to the province deducted from the allocations for 2016.